Voltaica Engineering has worked with top company clients delivering solutions projects across the globe. These clients rely on our skills and experience in major project delivery.

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Whether on wind farm in Costa Rica or solar facility in South Africa - one of the world's largest power plant of its kind, Voltaica Engineering continues its commitment to improve high quality services.

Our firm pushes the boundaries of thinking in design to create increasingly innovative project solutions, thereby increasing client outcomes.

Utility scale power generation projects involve significant investment. They require solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, sustainable and delivered in an environment in which risks are managed.

Design brings together many of the skills and services available across Voltaica Engineering, from site surveies coordination, to transmission line and substation design.


Civil Works Design

Our Civil discipline capabilities nowadays include:

  • Road network dynamic 3d model automatically generating longitudinal profiles and cross sections;
  • Analysis of wind farm access, from closest public road, and design rehabilitation works;
  • Abnormal Indivisible Load Route assessment, analyzing all criticalities along the path in order to individuate road sections that need upgrading works;
  • Transportation analysis and vehicle swept path analysis, both for internal road network and delivery route, assessing bending radius and clearance area;
  • Drainage network design through implementation hydrologic model and mono/bi-dimensional hydraulic models;
  • On-line publication of high definition 3d models scenarios for Clients comments.

Our Civil discipline capabilities include also experienced Topography and Geotechnical management and coordination services especially suited for our specific engineering service solutions, which include :

  • Large Areas Aerial Mapping and mosaics with drone;
  • Road Axis review and re-definition;
  • Total Station;
  • Cost-effective Topographic Surveys trough total station, and/or GPSD RTK8 procedures;
  • Generation of DEM, DTM, DSM also with datas interpolations.

Electrical Design

Our Electrical discipline capabilities nowadays include:

  • LV and HV Cable sizing, DC and AC, according to local and international standard including energy losses or comparing energy savings and  extra investment costs;
  • Steady state studies: Power Flow and Fault Analysis;
  • Soil Resistivity Testing;
  • Lightning Stroke Protection and Safety studies;
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Studies;
  • Transient studies: Power quality studies Grid integration and Grid Code compliance studies;
  • Insulation and Protection co-ordination study;
  • Transmission Line optimized conductor selection and calculation of electrical parameters and power loss by algorithm developed with open source software for numerical computation.

Structural Design

Relaying on the geological and geothecnical surveys results we have been executing structural design services and foundations calculation for more than one hundred of wind turbine generator of different kind and model, different metallic stuctures and buildings in various geographical area complaying with local and international codes.

Our Structural discipline capabilities nowadays include:

  • WTG foundation design with 3D FEM model complying Eurocode 2, IEC61400 and other local normative;
  • Metallic structure calculation with 3D FEM model complying Eurocode and other local normative;
  • Cabins and others building design and calculation with 3D FEM model complying Eurocode and other local normative;
  • Transmission Line Tower Geometry and Tower Families Optimization;
  • Reinforcement steel 3d modeling;
  • 3-D soil modeling for geotechnical analysis of deformation and stability


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  W.F. "Segelectrica"


  Onshore, grid-connected Wind Farm of rated power 20 MW composed of n°10 wtgs located in Costa Rica in a logistic critical area.

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  PV "Huacas"


  Crystalline, grid-connected, fixed, ground-mounted Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant "Huacas" of 8 MW rated power located in Costa Rica.

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Onshore grid-connected 20 MW Wind Farm of n°10 wtg, located in Costa Rica in a logistic critical area.

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