Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health and Safety


Voltaica Engineering is founded on a strong belief in our core values. These values drive us to constantly improve our working environment and our commitment to occupational health and safety of all our employees and subcontractors, to ensure a safe working environment where no-one is allowed to work in an unsafe manner. 

Voltaica Engineering is committed to the target of “zero” injuries.

The management of Voltaica Engineering is responsible for implementing this policy, which applies to all prospective and current employees of the company as well as volunteers, contractors and consultants, through the provision of resources, systems and training across our operational areas. Health and safety considerations will be given priority in planning, supervision and execution of work. Any aspect of the occupational health and safety procedures which is not clearly understood must be brought to the attention of the appointed manager/supervisor.

The operation, implementation and review of this policy and identification of training requirements associated with safety objectives and targets for all employees/and or subcontractors of Voltaica Engineering will be monitored by the management who is directly responsible for ensuring compliance in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements. This policy will be explained to each employee and subcontractor at induction training and displayed in all Company offices.

Our Workplace Health and Safety company policy is essential for the preservation of the best possible work conditions for our employees. Every employee has a right to work in an environment where they have no fear for their health and safety. It is an issue that can solely define the company’s legality and morals and any absence of conformity can come with a heavy cost. The company is committed to adhere to all relative legal standards and take any action necessary to ensure a workplace free of hazards and physical risks.

Employees are vital for a company as it is them who ensure the existence and sustainability of business. Thus, the company is not only legally obliged to provide them with occupational health and safety but also consciously willing to protect its most important assets.

There are two aspects to consider when establishing a health and safety program: Preventative Action and Emergency Management. Preventative action refers to any action taken by the company to avoid incidents of injuries or illnesses related to workplace conditions. Emergency management refers to a well-constructed plan that can take effect in cases of sudden catastrophic occurrences.  

Preventative action can not begin without awareness as to what constitutes a threat to workplace safety. Therefore, the backbone of any health and safety program is the identification of potential hazards or health issues that might occur in the natural course of everyday work. These refer to the condition of the company’s facilities as well as the job duties of employees (task-associated risks).

The company will conduct frequent risk assessments and job hazard analysis to discover what is likely to harm employees. The company will establish preventative measures according to findings to minimize the probability of accidents.

Potential threats include but are not limited to:

  • Chemical substances (toxic, flammable etc.)
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Noise/temperature
  • Quality of air (may cause headaches, communication of diseases etc.)
  • Burns and radiation
  • Contamination from pathogens
  • Need to perform tasks on heights, scaffolds, ladders and other unsteady structures
  • Need to operate potentially dangerous equipment
  • Need to carry heavy objects
  • Any threats resulting from a colleague’s alcohol or drug abuse


Emergency Management refers to actions that should be taken in the event of fire, flood, earthquake, explosion or other catastrophe that may occur. These are circumstances that depend on human error or natural forces. Despite the company’s efforts to minimize events inside its control, it is likely that they might still happen. For that reason, the company will develop plans that employees must have read and understood in order to deal with these albeit rare occurrences.

The company will monitor performance of health and safety procedures and will revise them to ensure higher level of protection.

The company will have a series of preventative measures in place to address any potential danger. The following constitute compulsory provisions:

All employees will be handed appropriate protective gear such as gloves, protective uniforms, goggles etc. All employees will be required to use their safety equipment and will be allowed to stop their work if the equipment is not adequate or a piece is not functioning properly

All employees will be trained in health & safety standards and procedures and will be required to follow them at all times

When employees work in dangerous contexts or locations, there will always be adequate safety precautions such as safety nets, ropes etc. The workflow is not allowed to commence if any of the predetermined precautions are not in place

  • Safe work practices will be established so employees can carry out their jobs with minimum risk
  • All highly dangerous job tasks will require the presence of at least two employees
  • Exposure to chemicals and radiation will be timed and will not exceed a certain time limit
  • All electrical, mechanical and manual equipment and infrastructure will be inspected regularly and will be maintained and repaired when needed
  • The company premises will be cleaned and sanitized as required
  • Levels of noise, light and temperature of the workplace will be adjusted to make work conditions as pleasant as possible
  • Leakages, damages, blackouts etc. will be dealt with as quickly as possible
  • In cases when maintenance, repairs or cleaning activities are performed, there will be caution signs indicating potential danger placed at appropriate visible spots
  • First aid kits will be fully stocked and placed at convenient locations
  • Ventilation systems will be broad and well-functioning and smoking will be prohibited indoors
  • A substance abuse policy will be effective at all times to protect employees from colleague’s misconduct
  • Physical access of external individuals to the company’s premises or equipment will be restricted and monitored

For the management of emergency situations in ways that eliminate fatalities, minimize injuries and allow the quick escape of employees, the company will have the following provisions:

  • Fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment will be accessible at all designated spots
  • Smoke alarms and sprinklers will be functional and ready to be activated
  • Fire escapes and safety exits will be clearly indicated and safe
  • A comprehensive evacuation plan will be posted on the walls of each floor and online
  • Fire drills and emergency evacuations will be scheduled periodically
  • All staff will be equipped with a whistle
  • Extra measures will be developed for employees with disabilities

Additional measures in favor of a safer workplace will include:

  • The emphasis on safety expressed by incentive actions (e.g. safe employee awards)
  • The thorough analysis of past incidents to discover what went wrong
  • The constant updating of health & safety policy according to changes in legislation
  • The revision of workflow to introduce alternatives to procedures that consistently lead to injuries or illnesses
  • The clear procedures for reporting health and safety issues
  • The company will consult experts or insurance representatives to ensure it complies with local and international standards.

Every manager is responsible for the implementation of health and safety guidelines. Every employee is also responsible to follow instructions and will be held accountable in cases of non-conformity. Health and safety training will be provided but it falls to each individual’s responsibility to contribute to a safe workplace. Consistent disregard of health and safety rules will result in serious disciplinary action and possible termination.


Download Voltaica Engineering 's Occupational Health and Safety Policy here.

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